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 Subject : Re:Veteran looking for opportunities... 08/21/2014 12:41:56 AM 
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Robert Steffen
N3837 County Highway B Kewaunee, WI 54216
(920)255-2596 email:
Professional Profile:
Scope of responsibility is specific to fabrication and coordination of prototypes through development process. Communicate with peers and supervisors to precisely solve challenges in support of product development.
 Highly Knowledgeable in Subject Research for model making
 Knowledgeable in technical photography for model making
 Knowledgeable in documenting build progress of models.
 Working Knowledge of SurfCAM for CNC programming
 Working Knowledge of setting up CNC machines
 Working knowledge of AutoCAD for project development
 Working knowledge of Solidworks for project development
 Working knowledge of CorelDraw
 Working Knowledge with Epilog Laser Engraving Machine
 Working Knowledge of Mold making using Silicone and Resin
 Working Knowledge of automotive grade painting techniques
 Basic Knowledge of using Stratasys Dimension 3D printer (FDM)
 Conceptual knowledge of Photochemical Machining (PCM) process
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI
Associate Degree in Prototype and Design Expected Graduation: 2014
M1 Armor Crewman (MOS 19K)
US Army, Fort Hood, TX May 2002-September 2008
 Monitor & Maintain various systems; engine, weapons and communications.
 Communicate with peers and supervisors to maintain efficient operations
 Inspect and maintain equipment using operator’s manual
 Two tours of duty to Iraq, Honorable Discharge.
Railway Operations Crewman (MOS 88U)
US Army Reserve, Milwaukee, WI October 2008-April 2012
 Operate locomotive, conduct operator inspections of equipment.
 Communicate with peers and supervisors
 Maintain efficient transportation of materials in compliance with rules and regulations
 Honorable Discharge
Other Organizations
Neenah Menasha Model Railroad Club 2008-Present
Prototype & Design Club at NWTC 2013-Present
Steam Automotive Club of America 2014-Present
 Subject : Veteran looking for opportunities... 07/19/2014 04:02:19 PM 
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I have been in the model train hobby for most of my life, collecting, or working with 1:48 scale trains. Most of the equipment I have worked one has come from my father's personal collection.

I will soon graduate from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College with an associate's in prototype & design.

My architectural model in this course was a retirement gift that would fit onto a 1:87 scale model railroad, and when finished occupied a board space about 4 feet by 4 feet square, and stood about 8" tall.

While in this course, I focused on a 1:39 scale Jules Verne nautilus for 3D CNC machining.

And for our final project, our group worked on developing a functioning hovercraft, and while none of the hovercraft that our class built were successful, my group had the most promising performance, and I attribute my part of the success to the things I learned with model trains.

My resume and portfolio (which contain pictures of these projects) are available upon request, as is a copy of my DD214 and other references. I will work towards posting my Resume & portfolio at the soonest. thank you for taking the time to read this.

Robert Steffen.
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