APMM Board of Directors - updates in progress...

Bio_pete_mack.jpgPresident - Peter Mack, Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Peter has been a professional model maker for 28 years and an APMM member since 1996. He is a Principal Model Maker at Steelcase Inc. in Grand Rapids. Peter's experience includes working on projects developing consumer products, automotive interiors, and now a wide variety of office furniture. Prior to working at Steelcase he worked for several automotive suppliers and an industrial design consultancy. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 1986 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Technologies.

Pete has been a member of the Bemidji State University Design Technology Advisory Board since 2006 and previously served as the APMM's Vice President of Education. He says, "I'm excited to take on the challenge of leading the APMM and will be asking for your help in the near future; together I hope we can advance our profession and increase membership."



Treasurer – Paul Chabala, Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, OH

Paul manages the Model Shop and Design Support Services for Crown Equipment Corp. His responsibilities include staffing and operations along with providing leadership with project/resource management, in addition to modeling/prototyping techniques, processes and materials procurement. He is also responsible to supply high quality 3D solutions for product development.

Being a 21-year veteran in model making, Paul began his career as an architectural model maker at 3d Technical Services. Over the next several years, with growing experience and opportunities, he transitioned into product development for companies such as Procter & Gamble and Ethicon Endosurgery. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Kent State University, with a degree in Industrial Design and a focus in Art.

Paul feels privileged to be managing a model shop and have daily interaction with the greatest collection of creative and dedicated professionals he has known. He also continues to hone his talents in his free time with model ship building and wood furniture design. Paul says, “Professional Model Making is a collaborative career with more knowledge and skill than can possibly be learned by one person. The APMM allows us to collectively share this wealth to further the industry as a whole.”


Secretary – Bruce Willey, Everybody Makes, St. Paul, MN

Bruce has been an APMM member since 1993 and he was formerly the Conference VP for the 2010 Conference in Boston and 2012 in Kansas City.

Bruce studied model making under the legendary Art Hedlund at Bemidji State University in Minnesota and has recently returned to the Twin Cities to pursue work in product development. He is active in the maker community and is attempting to foster collaboration between that group and the APMM.

Bruce says, “The APMM has brought together an incredibly diverse and talented group of people who are very generous with their knowledge and resources. I look forward to us finding more people to share that attitude with."



VP of Conferences – Chris Lewis, Ryobi/TDI, Anderson, SC

Like most model makers, Chris began building things at a young age. From rockets to RC planes, train layouts to costumes, his range of models and modeling techniques is quite broad. This led him to attend Ohio State University and in 1990 graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design degree. He initially worked as a designer and then made the transition to model making as he had a penchant for problem solving and building things.

Chris has been a member of the APMM since 2001 and has served on the BOD in different positions, the most recent being VP of Conferences. He is the model lab director for TDI in Anderson, SC.

"The APMM has been a wonderful source of friendship and professional resources," says Chris. "It is always a joy (and often times humbling) to talk 'shop' with other model makers."



VP of Communication – Audrey Farrell, Nike, Inc., Beaverton, OR

Audrey is an artist, painter and mold maker in the Nike Model Shop. She specializes in surface applications, color mixing and matching, and the making of silicone molds for footwear and apparel concepts and athlete products.

Audrey studied Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and worked for many years painting fabric samples for various designers in the NYC garment industry. She has painted 8 foot tall toy soldiers for the holiday display at Macy’s, painted the faces on mannequins, and applied faux finishes to walls in homes and businesses.

Photography, art history, and hiking the spectacular scenic trails of Oregon with her family are her passions. Audrey says, “Membership in APMM offers the opportunity to be a participating citizen of the model making community by making connections and sharing knowledge.”


VP of Education – Nathan McCaughan, Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Nathan graduated from Bemidji State University in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Design Technology, specializing in Model Making. His first post was as a model maker for Johnson Controls where he worked for seven years. From there, he moved to Steelcase, Inc. where he's been a Senior Model Maker for about seven years. 

Nathan says, "As a member of the APMM I have come to understand how important this group is to the development of a young modeler. Model Makers are a rare breed, and so very vital to the development of anything made. The APMM has knowledge and talent resources that can guide a young modeler down any of the many paths to choose from." 


VP of Social Media – Joshua Munchow, Formation Design Group, Atlanta, GA

Joshua is the Technical Development Lead at Formation Design Group in Atlanta where he manages the prototype shop and supports project development and prototype construction.  While at Formation he has worked on all types of product development from industrial, aerospace, medical, and consumer products. He has worked in Atlanta with Formation Design Group since December 2010 after spending short periods working for an architectural model shop and CNC bronze turning operation. He graduated in the spring of 2010 from Bemidji State University with a B.S. in Model Design.

Besides his day job, Joshua has become a watch journalist covering watchmaking around the world since 2013, and has begun down the road to teach himself the art of watchmaking. This has led to many side projects and a new business making handmade cufflinks. His adult life is a natural extension of his curiosity as a child playing with Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, K’Nex, and anything else he could get his hands on. He is also a self-professed mechanical nerd.

Joshua says “I believe that a lot of people want to learn how to make things, but the world likes to make skills appear much harder (or much easier) than they are. The maker movement and shows like Mythbusters have kick-started a change in the public perception of making, manufacturing, and by extension, model making. My goal is to harness that for the greater good.”



VP of Vendor Relations – Jill Kenik, Acropolis Studios Model Works, Inc., Ste. Genevieve, MO

Jill is the owner of Acropolis Studios Model Works, Inc. and has been a professional designer and model maker for more than 30 years. Her work is typically found in the small metal goods manufacturing sector, which includes products such as jewelry, architectural hardware, gifts, tableware, awards and museum reproductions.

Prior to founding Acropolis Studios, Jill worked for various Southeast New England jewelry and giftware manufacturing companies as a product designer and production liaison. Jill has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Rhode Island. 

Jill says, "Being part of the APMM has broadened my capabilities as a model maker. Having other professional model makers to reach out to for technical help, opinions or just to share great projects is empowering. Together, we represent the best creative and technical minds in the profession, yet the camaraderie of the group is incredible!"



VP of Member Resources  – Jennifer Shorb, HTS Advanced Solutions, Houston, TX

Jennifer is a senior level model maker with HTS Advanced Solutions. She is currently the Production Manager and is learning all about laser scanning and data capturing.

Graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with an Associate’s degree in Industrial Design, Jennifer worked with Coleman & Associates for 15 years where she developed her skills in 3D printing and project management. Prior to Coleman, Jennifer spent her first year of model making with Johnson Engineering, a subcontractor with NASA, and worked as a model maker/fiberglass fabricator with USM on flight simulators and cock-pit trainers of modern fighter jets and other military installations.

Jennifer’s goals for the APMM include showcasing our members and their capabilities. She says, “The APMM is an indispensable resource for services that should be utilized to its fullest potential. Model makers’ work is diverse and our members have the means to manage their workflow in a way that could help us all meet ever-tighter deadlines with precision.”



Samanthi Martinez, executive directorExecutive Director – Samanthi (Sam) Martinez, APMM, Hamilton, NY

Samanthi has held the position of executive director since 2005 but has been involved with the APMM since 2001. She has been instrumental in doubling the organization’s membership during her first three years. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in business management from the University of Texas at Austin and is certified in public speaking through Toastmasters, Int’l. Prior to joining the APMM, Samanthi was a finance manager in the Enterprise division at Dell Computer Corporation and was a licensed real estate agent. She also works as a freelance writer, contributing to magazines, newspapers, and online newssources in the Northeast US.

Sam says, “I believe that the APMM holds a unique role in the future of the model making profession. Knowing there are other professionals who understand what you do is important, but being able to reach out and contact them is absolutely amazing.”

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