APMM Board of Directors

Bio_pete_mack.jpgPresident - Peter Mack, Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Peter has been a professional model maker for 28 years and an APMM member since 1996. He is a Principal Model Maker at Steelcase Inc. in Grand Rapids. Peter's experience includes working on projects developing consumer products, automotive interiors, and now a wide variety of office furniture. Prior to working at Steelcase he worked for several automotive suppliers and an industrial design consultancy. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 1986 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Technologies.

Pete has been a member of the Bemidji State University Design Technology Advisory Board since 2006 and previously served as the APMM's Vice President of Education. He says, "I'm excited to take on the challenge of leading the APMM and will be asking for your help in the near future; together I hope we can advance our profession and increase membership."


VP of Technology – Terry Wellman,  St. Charles Model Works, Claytonville, IL

Terry Wellman is the founding principal of St. Charles Model Works, an industrial model shop and custom plastics manufacturer, where he designs and builds models as well as teaches advanced modeling concepts to other modelers. Terry studied jazz piano performance and electronic music (synthesis) at Northern Illinois University and advertising at Northwestern University. Prior to launching St. Charles Model Works in 2002, Terry worked in the information technology field for Digital Equipment Corp, HP, Motorola, Compaq, and Computer Sciences Corp. He also had an earlier career as a professional studio musician and recording engineer catering to national advertising agencies based in Chicago and New York. He has experience in purchasing, contracts, systems management, project management, and logistics. As a musician, he has performed with a multitude of ensembles nationwide including such venues as Carnegie Hall.

Terry has been designing and building models for the better part of his life. It began in the mid 1960's. When dissatisfied with a particular model kit, he learned how to manipulate various wood and plastic model kits and scratch materials into higher detailed models than the manufacturers had originally intended. Now he does it with computers and various rapid prototyping technologies.

Terry believes that knowledge is power but only when shared with others. He says, "APMM is the confluence of creative minds converting concepts into reality by sharing knowledge among members. It is through this shared knowledge that APMM draws its strength."


Treasurer – Mike Elsholz, Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Mike is the manager of the Model Shop at Steelcase, Inc., supporting all of the modeling needs for new product development, mockups and showrooms. He has been at Steelcase for 24 years. where he began his career in Product Engineering before accepting a project management position and later as the supervisor in their test lab.

He graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Engineering Technology and served as president of the SME student chapter. He was a member of the CMU track and field team.

Mike enjoys the challenges of running the model shop and collaborating with the project teams as they develop new products. He also likes the variety of products and projects that his team works on which keeps the job interesting and challenging. Mike has been a member of the APMM since 2005 and is also a member of the PMI.

Mike says, "The APMM has given me the opportunity to see the range and scope of model making along with making valuable contacts for support of current and future projects."


Secretary – Gregg Miner, Lime Lab PCH, San Francisco, CA

Gregg is the manager of the innovation lab @ PCH/Limelab Inc. LimeLab is a product development consultancy firm offering design and technical engineering solutions for startups, consumer electronics 
and product development companies. LimeLab also has state of the art shop with 4 FDM & Polyjet 3D printers, 3 HAAS CNC’s, DMU50 5axis CNC, ZUND digital cutter, Laser cutter and full woodworking area. 
All the tools one needs to make real cool products. Gregg has been in model making prototyping for 25-plus years. He has worked for Satellite Models, Hasbro/Oddzon Toys, Apple ID Studio, Bell/Giro Helmets and The North Face, as well as consulted with 
Astro Studios, Lunar Design, IDEO, FOX, Specialized, GoPro and Alpinestars to name a few.
In Gregg’s spare time, he enjoys rebuilding vintage Volkswagens and Ducati motorcycles. He enjoys the process of taking something that had once been an eye sore or neglected and making it into a polished gems.
Gregg says, “In recent years I have seen a resurgence in model making and the APMM and I'm very excited for the future. I was very fortunate when I came to California in the early 80’s to have master craftsmen and model makers share their talents with me. This was also about the same time the APMM was starting out, promoting and bringing recognition to the craft of model making. I feel we have a responsibility to pass along and promote model making as a true craft, and something we all should be very proud of.”


VP of Conferences – Nacho Mendez, IDEO, Palo Alto, CA

Nacho has been with IDEO for more than 22 years, starting in shipping & receiving and transitioning to many different roles before joining the IDEO model shop. Though he started out with little experience in a shop environment, he was taken under the wing of many talented model makers. After becoming a senior model maker, Nacho started to manage the physical shop and is currently the business lead managing the Bay Area prototyping team and plays an active part in Palo Alto's leadership. He has worked on medical products, automotive, architectural and a variety of consumer products.

Nacho says, "IDEO is like a playground. It is a great job for a person who likes to problem solve." Nacho also says he enjoys the culture of a company that sets the standard for other design firms. For the past few years he has worked with design students from San Jose State, educating them in IDEO's unique way of prototyping.

VP of Communication – Sue Wellman, St. Charles Model Works, Claytonville, IL

Sue is co-owner and production manager of St. Charles Model Works, an industrial model shop and custom plastics manufacturer. She creates prototypes and oversees the manufacturing process of a retail line of model railroad products sold under the company name. She specializes in resin casting, mold-making, airbrushing, assembly and detailing of models large and small. As the daughter of an internationally known miniaturist, D. Anne Ruff, she learned the ropes of model making at a young age while helping to produce 1" and 1/2" scale upholstered furniture.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Illinois University. Her previous careers include a stint in marketing research with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) in Chicago and 17 years in business-to-business publishing.

Sue is an avid vegetable gardener and enjoys decorating with flea market finds, forever seeking out chairs to add to her collection, much to the dismay of her two teenage daughters who wish to quell her chair fetish.


VP of Education – Nathan McCaughan, Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

Nathan graduated from Bemidji State University in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Design Technology, specializing in Model Making. His first post was as a model maker for Johnson Controls where he worked for seven years. From there, he moved to Steelcase, Inc. where he's been a Senior Model Maker for about seven years. 

Nathan says, "As a member of the APMM I have come to understand how important this group is to the development of a young modeler. Model Makers are a rare breed, and so very vital to the development of anything made. The APMM has knowledge and talent resources that can guide a young modeler down any of the many paths to choose from." 


VP of Vendor Relations – Jill Kenik, Acropolis Studios Model Works, Inc., Ste. Genevieve, MO

Jill is the owner of Acropolis Studios Model Works, Inc. and has been a professional designer and model maker for more than 30 years. Her work is typically found in the small metal goods manufacturing sector, which includes products such as jewelry, architectural hardware, gifts, tableware, awards and museum reproductions.

Prior to founding Acropolis Studios, Jill worked for various Southeast New England jewelry and giftware manufacturing companies as a product designer and production liaison. Jill has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Rhode Island. 

Jill says, "Being part of the APMM has broadened my capabilities as a model maker. Having other professional model makers to reach out to for technical help, opinions or just to share great projects is empowering. Together, we represent the best creative and technical minds in the profession, yet the camaraderie of the group is incredible!"


Samanthi Martinez, executive directorExecutive Director – Samanthi (Sam) Martinez, APMM, Hamilton, NY

Samanthi has held the position of executive director since 2005 but has been involved with the APMM since 2001. She has been instrumental in doubling the organization’s membership during her first three years. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in business management from the University of Texas at Austin and is certified in public speaking through Toastmasters, Int’l. Prior to joining the APMM, Samanthi was a finance manager in the Enterprise division at Dell Computer Corporation and was a licensed real estate agent. She also works as a freelance writer, contributing to magazines, newspapers, and online newssources in the Northeast US.

Sam says, “I believe that the APMM holds a unique role in the future of the model making profession. Knowing there are other professionals who understand what you do is important, but being able to reach out and contact them is absolutely amazing.”

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